Frequently Asked Questions

How does VoIP service work?

Voice over IP service works with your existing broadband service to provide a normal telephone - only better! Long distance is cheaper. Many of the services which are extra-cost with a normal telephone are included at no charge with our VoIP service.

Can I really call anyone?

Yes! With few exceptions, your VoIP phone works just like a normal telephone. International and 1-900 calling is not activated on a VoIP line when you first order it. If you want these services, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for them.

How is the call quality?

Generally excellent. There are many variables that go into the quality of a VoIP call, including: broadband connection speed, current usage of your connection, Internet congestion, and the behavior of your firewall. At the standard quality level, your call should be indistinguishable from a normal telephone call. You can also set your phone adapter to a slightly lower call quality--about cellphone quality--and use as little as one-quarter the bandwidth of an ordinary VoIP call.

How do I use some of the most common features?

Many of the features on your VoIP phone use the same dial codes as normal phones. Here's a few commone ones:

Last Call Return
Do Not Disturb
Deactivate Call Waiting (per call)
Block Last Caller

How much bandwidth does a VoIP call use?

A VoIP call at g.711 quality uses 72kbps of bandwidth in each direction.

I don't have dialtone. What's wrong?

Check your adapter with another phone. Make sure that you are connected to the 'Phone 1' or 'Line 1' connector on your adapter. Try unplugging your adapter and then plugging it back in.

Can I use my VoIP adapter behind a firewall?

Yes. However, your success depends on the firewall manufacturer. For better results, forward port 5060 to your phone adapter (see the firewall documentation for details on how to do this). You can also try using it in the DMZ port, or putting it into the DMZ in your firewall's configuration.

Can I use my VoIP service and my computer at the same time?

Yes! Call quality may be hurt if you are downloading or uploading large amounts of data, depending on the speed of your connection. If you are getting poor call quality, try pausing downloads or shutting down multiplayer games. These can often use too much bandwidth to allow you to place a good quality VoIP call at the same time.