Voice Over IP

TSS Digital Voice over IP is the evolution of telephone communications. We offer low-cost reliable phone service for your home or business.

Save a lot of money
If you don’t use VoIP for voice communication, then you are most certainly using the old phone line (PSTN – Packet-Switched Telephone Network). On a PSTN line, time is really money. You actually pay for each minute you spend communicating on the phone. International calls are much more expensive. Since VoIP uses the Internet as backbone, the only cost you have when using it is the monthly Internet bill to your ISP. You can speak as much as you wish on VoIP and the connection cost will still be the same.
Studies have shown that, compared to using a PSTN line, using VoIP can potentially make you save up to 40 % on local calls, and up to 90 % on international calls.

More than two persons
On the phone line, only two persons can speak at a time. With VoIP, you can setup a conference with a whole team communicating in real time. VoIP compresses data packets during transmission, and this causes more data to be handled over the carrier. As a result, more calls can be handled on one access line.

TSS Voip Features:
Caller ID
Call Waiting
Call Forwarding
Call Rejection
Last Call Return
Voice Mail
Three Way Calling
Automatic Redial
Do Not Disturb
Money Back Guarantee
Free In-Net Long Distance
500 minutes of Nationwide Long Distance